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With tons of new features Chameleon will transform your surfing experience. Our innovative browser includes all the familiar features that you'll find in other browsers but we've added incredibly advanced abilities you simply can't find anywhere else!


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Tabbed Browser Windows
Now you can have multiple web pages open and switch between them using our innovative tabbed window interface. No longer do you need to have multiple browsers open to surf multiple sites. With Chameleon you can have multiple web pages open at once and easily switch between them all through the convenience of one browser window!

Dynamic Linking
Why waste time trying to find the web's best sites when Chameleon can bring them to you? Our unique dynamic linking technology actively seeks out only the best web sites that are of interest to you. Let Chameleon be your guide to the best on the web!

Privacy Controls
Our browser features controls that keep your surfing habits private. With Chameleon you can hide where and what you do online from children or co-workers. With the touch of a button you can instantly switch between private and non-private mode. Protect your privacy and protect your kids with Chameleon!

Disable Pop-Up Windows
Don't you hate it when websites "pop-up" windows you didn't request? This annoyance interrupts what you were doing and often crashes your computer. With Chameleon you can completely disable "pop-up" windows or choose which ones you want to allow. Never be interrupted with "pop-up" windows again!

Very Small File Size
We built Chameleon to do only one thing, surf. Because it's not bloated with useless features you will never use, our browser weighs in at under 650K. This means that it downloads quickly, saves your hard disk space and loads fast!

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