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Here we have attempted to answer the most common questions people have about the Chameleon Browser. If however you have a question that is not answered here please contact us here and we will do our best to answer your query in a timely manner. Thanks.

How Do I Install The Chameleon Browser?  top

    Once you click on the download button, you will be prompted to make some choices. These primarily depend on which browser your currently using.

    For Internet Explorer Users:
    Choose Run this program from it's current location. The download will begin and once it's completed, the installation process will automatically begin. Follow the directions on the screen.

    For Netscape Users:
    Choose save this file to disk. You will be asked where on your system you'd like to save the file. Use the scroll bar supplied and scroll up and choose to save the file on your desktop. After the download is completed, close out any open browsers you may have and double click the exe file you've just downloaded. Follow the directions on the screen to install the program.

    *Note: You may delete this exe file on your desktop by dragging it to your recycle bin after installation. You no longer need this file.


I've installed the Chameleon Browser, now what?  top

    When the browser was installed, it created a new program group in your start menu and placed an icon on your desktop. Click either of these to launch the browser. You will be asked to create a password to protect the adult part of the browser. At this time, think of a password you'll remember and type it in.

    *Note,: You may leave these fields empty if you wish not to protect the browser.


I've forgotten the password I created. How do I find out what it was?  top

    The chameleon browser is password protected to protect your privacy and prevent your children from accessing questionable material. If you have misplaced or lost your password simply send an email to and we will show you how to set up a new account.


What is the Hide/Show button for?  top

    You can customize the browser to start in either adult or non-adult mode. The hide/show button is an easy way to switch back and forth between the two and also functions as a panic button to close all windows at once and swap modes.


What exactly are tabs and what are they for?  top

    Tabs allow you to view multiple webpages while only using 1 browser! You can have as many tabs open as you'd like and you can open/close them individually as well.


How do I remove the buttons from the tool bar?  top

    The tool bar in the Chameleon browser does not have the option to replace the icon buttons with text. What we opted to do is allow for your window to hide the tool bar while you surf. This maximizes the size of your browser screen. The tool bar will reappear when you mouseover the hidden tool bar again. To operate this feature, from the mail file menu choose "Options" and click on "Shrink Navigation Bar".


What is the purpose of the Ad Bar?  top

    The ad bar serves multi-purposes. It is used for web sites who've helped sponsor the Chameleon browser so that we may offer it to you for free and to show you a list of categorized web sites that we think you'd really enjoy visiting. The ads are specific to what mode you currently have your browser adult/non-adult settings


I click on a link and nothing happens. Why?  top

    The real benefit of the Chameleon browser is that no longer will you be annoyed by unwanted pop up windows (called consoles in web jargon) unless you choose to see them. Some web sites use links that always opens the link in a new window. If you have your browser settings as "Display Consoles" then you will get the new window as well as any consoles the webmaster has placed on his site. If you've set your browser to "Ask Before Displaying Consoles" then you will be prompted before the window is opened. If your settings are "Do Not Display Condoles" then you will not see the new screen because technically, the new screen is a console. If you surf a site and see this to be a problem, set your settings to "Display Consoles" or "Ask Me Before Displaying".


How do I get my Internet Explorer bookmarks into the Chameleon browser?  top

    We look for your Internet Explorer favorites during the installation process. Your Internet Explorer bookmarks will already be displayed on the browsers first use. At this time, Netscape bookmarks can not be imported.


Do you offer a version for Macintosh?  top

    We hope to be able to offer Chameleon Browser for the Macintosh in the future. We currently don't have the company resources to do it, but as more people use the browser we will be able to hire people to start work on a Macintosh version! We plan to support all platforms eventually.


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